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Q1. What are the different packages the hospital offers?

The hospital offers a variety of health check-up packages which are tailor-made to the specific requirements with regard to the disease, age or fitness of each person.

Q2. What are the rates for different packages?

Information about packages can be obtained from hospital reception in person,by phone and/or by email.

Q3. Who will help us decide on which Health Package Plan one should opt for?

The patient requiring the test may call the hospital reception regarding detailed information on various health packages. Additionally, you can seek medical consultation from specialists in the hospital for expert advise.

Q4. Is it necessary to make an appointment or can clients walk in on any day convenient to them?

It is advisable though not mandatory to take a prior appointment. Appointments ensure that there are no untoward delays and a smooth process of health check-up. Appointments can be taken on phone or through online registration on hospital website


Q5. What are the different medical specialties the hospital has to offer?

Kindly refer to the section under various specialties offered by the hospital as displayed on the website.

Q6. What are the OPD timings?

The routine OPD hours are between 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. and 5.00pm to 8.00 pm. Check our website for more details.

Q7. Does the hospital offer round-the-clock service?

Yes, the hospital has round-the-clock facility for providing Medical Care. Minor ailments are handled during Emergency hours by the Resident Doctor. Consultants are available on call to attend to any serious Medical Emergency.

Q8. Can laboratory technicians go to the patient’s residence to draw blood?

Yes, Lab Technicians visit patient’s residence to draw blood samples as per request. Hospital charges a nominal amount for providing the facility.

Q9. Is Ambulance facility available for shifting of patients from residence to hospital in Emergency and what are the charges?

Yes we have an equipped ambulance which can be requisitioned on phone for shifting of Patient to hospital in Emergency. The Ambulance service is provided FREE OF COST.

Q10. At what time can one pick up the investigation reports?

Blood reports are provided online and can be accessed on Hospital Website by using auto generated password. Reports can also be collected from hospital Front Desk at pre-informed hour.

Q11. Does the hospital have a Pharmacy in the premises?

The hospital has a 24 hour open in-house pharmacy located near the entrance of hospital.


Q12. Does the hospital permit outside food for admitted patients?

The hospital has an in-house kitchen and offers hygienic and healthy food to admitted patients under supervision of Dietician. The cost of daily diet is included in Room tariff.
The attendants staying with patients can also avail kitchen facilities on nominal charges.

Q13. Why is it that only one attendant is allowed at a time to meet the patients in the intensive care unit?

Intensive Care Units worldwide follow certain disciplinary protocols whereby attendants are restricted to the unit to decrease the risk of infection, to provide continuous unhampered Nursing services and to give the patient a conducive atmosphere to fight back disease / illness.

Q14. How long does the billing procedure take?

The hospital has installed an advanced Hospital Information Management Software(HIMS) for management of patient record. From the moment patient enters the hospital, till he is discharged after completion of Medical care, all his record is captured in the software. Since all patient related activities are handled online, this ensures that patient billing is done in a smooth and fast manner and patients are saved from undue delays at all levels.

Q15. Are estimates of bills available on a daily basis?

Yes, all patient activities are recorded in the online software and hospital charges are automatically updated simultaneously. Patient/relatives can enquire from front desk the total bill amount at any point of time. Patients/attendants are also informed from time to time by hospital staff about pending bill amount so that they can make arrangements for making the payment.

Q16. How do you go about getting a cashless authorization with one’s own personal health insurance?

The hospital is empanelled with Insurance Companies for providing cashless medical services.

Q17. How do customers report a concern?

The patient/relatives may express their concerns through Feedback form available at Front Desk or they can directly contact the Medical Director in this regard.

Q18. Completing a Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Patients receive a satisfaction survey before discharge. Patients or their designees are encouraged to complete the survey and return it. The surveys are used to identify patient’s needs, improve care and recognize team members who have provided outstanding service. Senior management reviews them and definitive action is taken.

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